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VS Vincenzo LTD INC. offers full service personal care product development, testing services and manufacturing for the Personal Care Industry. Our consulting services include:

  • Developing customized formulations according to customer specific requirements.
  • Providing small-scale manufacturing and filling on partnered sites, and expertise to support large-scale contract manufacturing.
  • Substantiating product claims via independent testing.
  • Conducting salon testing among target segments and product stability/compatibility testing.

The ability to successfully compete in today’s Personal care market requires excellence in the understanding of consumers and their unmet needs, as well as in-depth technical expertise in the chemistry of raw materials and formulations. With this in mind, VS Vincenzo brought together a group of cosmetic and personal care experts to service our clients with product development, performance testing and manufacturing all under one collaborated umbrella.

R&D Managers, Marketers or Manufacturers of Finished Products.
If you are trying to expand your current business into new categories and do not have the right expertise, or would like to focus on long term research without getting encumbered with conflicting priorities, and or just simply would like to supplement your current R&D temporarily without long term commitment, we can help on these fronts:
Keeping your current brands healthy and profitable

  • Developing new line extensions-natural and organic formulations
  • Improving your current products performance
  • Improving profit margins through low cost alternatives without compromising product performance.
  • Reformulating to replace problematic raw materials (replace parabens and formaldehyde donors, sulfate free shampoos, VOC compliance, etc)
  • Conducting product stability studies
  • Developing new brands by providing technical know-how in categories that are new to your business. (Example: Hair Colors, Hair Mascara)
  • Collaborating with Universities and suppliers to develop new technologies and patentable ideas.
  • Providing small to medium scale manufacturing to support your business.

Venture Capitalists and Salon Business Owners:
We can help you realize your dreams of launching your own products by working with you to create your own personal care product formulations that meet your expectations. We will develop and test forumulas; help you with packaging; manufacture and ship finished products to your facility or to your customers; and support your efforts through product launch and support thereafter. We can handle small to large size production quantities.

At VS Vincenzo we provide a variety of testing services that you may need prior to launching a new product. We can also prepare your products on a small scale to perform these tests, or get products from your manufacturing facility. These tests provide valuable data on the performance of your products and its stability over long periods of time. Our goal is to provide all of your testing and technical services needs to keep your business healthy and strong.

Claims Substantiation:
In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand. We can generate data that can support your product claims which can be used in your advertising copy to distinguish your products from all others competing for the same business.

Performance Testing:
We can provide valuable qualitative and/or quantitative data on the performance of your products. We can compare the performance of your products against a known benchmark.

Product/Package Stability Tests:
Accelerated high temperature testing can provide valuable data on the stability of your products and packages. Our tests are done at 45C, 35C, Room temperature and 4C along with three freeze thaw cycles. Also, products can be exposed to UV light to study color stability. Typically, our measurements are done at 15 days, one, two and three months. Room temperature samples are stored for one year. Reports are summarized and submitted at each observation interval.


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