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Cosmetic Chemist Vincenzo Spinnato, creator of the VINCENZO & AEGEAN SKINCARE product lines, began his career in the Personal Care, Cosmetics, and Fine Fragrance industries over 15 years ago. After studying both Cosmetic Chemistry and International Business, Spinnato completed a two-year apprenticeship. During this apprenticeship he helped create new formulations, encapsulated delivery systems, and custom packaging, while enjoying considerable success refining and developing new raw materials for treatment and cosmetics though his suppliers. It was during his apprenticeship that Spinnato learned the “real world” effectiveness of ingredients and formulating. This allowed him the opportunity to work and strive in a team atmosphere while also demonstrating his paramount creativity and obvious ability to lead.

Over the next 15 years, Spinnato went on to consult and help develop new product lines and private label for numerous cosmetics, treatment and health care companies such as Chanel, Estee Lauder; (Aveda, Clinique, MAC), Limited; (Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works),  Gap/Banana Republic, P&G, J&J, L’Oréal, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, K-Mart, and many others.  He also worked on developing products for celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Ole Henriksen, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jordan, Lilian Garcia, Kiyah Wright, among others.  Spinnato’s vigilance to ingredients and their corresponding results has been key to the success of the products he creates.

He has been a contributor to publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Esquire, GQ, Whole Foods Magazine, Health News Digest, Riviera, OC Metro, OC Live, and Burn Magazine.  Spinnato has also been a guest on television shows and has spoken in front of groups including the Society of OBGYNs regarding the functionality of trans-dermal pre- and post-menopausal products as well as products treating sexual dysfunction in women. For several years Spinnato has been involved in women’s category issues such as pre- and post-menopause, PMS, sexual dysfunction, breast tenderness, and varicose vein treatments.

Spinnato is extremely dedicated to (and takes great pride in) developing cutting edge products that take lead in the beauty industry. He travels the world to monitor all of the latest cosmetic and personal care trends.  In fact, Spinnato contributes to the International Trends Forecasts every year for the beauty industry.  

Because of the knowledge Spinnato has acquired over the years for skin care techniques, products, and ingredients, he decided to pursue the development of his own product lines – VINCENZO (prestige) and AEGEAN SKINCARE (mass market).  With an anticipated Fall 2010 market launch, both product lines cater to and effectively treat problematic, sensitive-dry, oily, and normal skin types with different SKUS to exclusively target each skin type.

According to Spinnato, the strengths of his company VS VINCENZO LTD INC. is from it’s foundation. With management and development teams from combined expertise in both the executive and technical areas the company offers veteran know how and experience from all integral parts of beauty and business expertise. From concept to launch and everything in between, Spinnato and his team have developed broad and flexible strategies to meet the ever-changing demands of the personal care industry including skin care, hair care, bath & body, pedicure/manicure, color cosmetics, baby, pet, energy drinks, and the fine fragrance markets. 



Dream Cream – New York, NY – female sexual dysfunction cream.


Mila Products – Beverly Hills, CA – Product line based on human placenta.


Oona Products – New York, NY – Herbal supplements to treat PMS and menopause.


Dermal RX – Los Angeles, CA –for serious skin conditions: rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.


Synergy – Denton, TX - exclusively for Sally’s Beauty Supply for baby boomers.


Synergy For Women – Denton, TX - exclusively for Sally’s Beauty Supply: menopause/progesterone cream, sexual dysfunction formula, throat & bust formula, and varicose vein treatment.


Forces of Nature – medical essential oil blends to treat herpes, warts, yeast infections, hemorrhoids, scars, and cold sores.


Jennifer Lopez –       Still” Fragrance for Women 

Jessica Simpson –    Dessert” (Edible Bath/Body line) 

Michael Jordan   “Michael Jordan” Men’s Fragrance for Footlocker 

Lilian Garcia –         Surreal Star” Skincare 

Ole Henriksen –      Ole Henriksen Skin Care 

Carol Shaw –            LORAC Cosmetics 

Christophe–              Christophe Hair Care

Kiyah Wright –          Muze Hair Care

Beatrice DeAlba –      DeAbla Hair care




Anagen Rx

Body Drench


Cost Plus World Market

Circle of Friends

Estee Lauder Companies – Private Label for MAC, Clinique,

    Aveda, and the Estee Lauder Brand

Face Logic

Forces of Nature

Gap/Banana Republic



Johnson & Johnson


Longs Drugs



MarMax Group – TJ Max/Marshals

Procter & Gamble Co


Sally’s Beauty Company

7 11 Seven-Eleven

Skin Elements

Studio Gear

Swedish Beauty

TIGI Hair Care

The Limited – Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works

Trader Joes

Tush MD

Wegmans & Zodiac Baby






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